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eh, but wrestlemania is all about celebs getting involved so i have no idea why people are surprised that it happened haha. I mean fuck, last year we had snooki >.>

I’m not surprised that there is a celebrity on the show, I’m just surprised about who they chose and how they are incorporating them. Snooki is a celebrity. She was at the height of her popularity/notority last year, so it made sense to want to put her on the card (even if it was kinda lame). NOBODY KNOWS WHO MARIA MENOUNOS IS AND NOBODY CARES WHO MARIA MENOUNOS IS. Does Vince honestly think there is going to be a single person out there who hears that she is on the card and decides they ABSOLUTELY MUST shell out $60 to watch her embarrass herself? Not likely. 


  1. buckzumhoff said: yeah, but no one’s paying to see the diva’s. They’ve got 3 big matches that everyone’s paying for. I want the diva’s to be better…but the crowds care so less that WWE doesn’t put the effort in, which is why we have this maria woman
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