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yeah, but no one’s paying to see the diva’s. They’ve got 3 big matches that everyone’s paying for. I want the diva’s to be better…but the crowds care so less that WWE doesn’t put the effort in, which is why we have this maria woman

Woah woah woah, hold on. You know that isn’t even remotely true. "The crowds care so little that WWE doesn’t put the effort in"? No, the crowds don’t care BECAUSE the WWE doesn’t care. There is, at the very least, anecdotal evidence that both casual and not-so-casual fans can care about the women’s division if it is given the time and the thought by creative/management.

The problem here is we’ve all learnt to just accept the mediocrity. We know that WWE doesn’t care, so we try our hardest not to care, but really, how lame is that?! I want more people to get angry. WWE has such a hard on for social networking and social media, maybe if there was a unanimous disapproval, they would actually take it into consideration. Maybe if FUCK THIS FUCKING STUPID DIVA SHIT was trending on Twitter, they would realise that they can’t get away with it anymore. 

Maybe because I am a woman, this just hits a little bit closer to home, but I am genuinely sick of it. I am sick of watching talented women suffer and untalented women praised solely for their looks. I am sick of 1 minute matches and sexual objectification and shitty celebrities being deemed more important than women’s wrestling. If you are okay with all of that, then that’s totally fine, but don’t expect everyone else to stay silent with you. 


  1. ajbryans said: danni ily SPEAK DA TRUTH
  2. buckzumhoff said: the crowds are silent when they’re out there, and the moaning on twitter comes across like they don’t want to see it. It’s a vicious cycle where the fans are just as bad as WWE. Maybe if they said “I like the divas, I want to see more” it’d work
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