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So, how long before they make a DVD that chronicles the Shawn/Taker/Hunter love triangle?

When it comes down to it, there was four years of build up for that match and it payed off beautifully. I love that they incorporated Shawn this year because he deserves the applause and the congratulations just as much as the other two do. 

I’ve said it 100 times already, but I thought that match was perfect. Absolutely no flaws for me. Granted, I’m still feeling the post-Wrestlemania high so I need to rewatch it and see how I feel, but really, when it comes down to it, wrestling is meant to be experienced in the here and now. It’s not designed to be analysed later on. I felt something at the time and that was their goal and they more than just achieved it, they sucked all the emotions out of me until there was nothing left.

I can’t imagine that there is a wrestling fan who didn’t enjoy that. It had everything there is to love about this business. There was drama, there was emotion, there was entertainment, there was wrestling. The Undertaker has perfected the art of kicking out at the last second. Nobody does it better. Like I said earlier, I go into every ‘Taker match at Wrestlemania expecting him to win. I don’t even question it anymore. But the second the match starts, all of that melts away and I’m left with the kind of pure excitement that was really only reserved for watching wrestling matches as a kid. It’s escapism at it’s finest.

The use of dialoge throughout the match was harrowing, and the ending was the ultimate catharsis. Shawn helping ‘Taker up, and then the two of them helping Hunter up. The ultimate display of respect, as called by JR (the only person who could have announced that match, by the way). 

That hug between the three of them on the entrance ramp is going to be burnt in the mind of every fan watching tonight. It’s going to become one of those rare iconic wrestling images that makes you shiver when you see it because you remember exactly how you felt when you were watching. If that truly was the end of an era, I can only hope that the next generation of performers were taking notice. That is how you wrestle.


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