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johnnynopulse replied to your post: Just saw this week’s Smackdown spoilers

i think people should put them under a cut, makes it easier to miss…but i’ve seen the same spoiler 4 times because it was a photo post and of course no one thinks “OH THIS IS A SPOILER THAT PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO SEE YET”

Oh yeah, absolutely, in an ideal world they would just shove them under a read more, but at the VERY LEAST people could just tag it ‘spoilers’ so others have the option of blacklisting it if they want. I don’t understand why it’s so hard >:(


  1. buckzumhoff said: yeah, usually i’d have spoilers blacklisted but I don’t need it for everything and it’d pick up too many posts haha. It’s just annoying because not everyone reads spoilers every week >.>
  2. vespaaaa said: i tagged it as ‘spoilers’.
  3. stylesclash posted this