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There is a lot of Divas talk going on and it has to do with the issue of respect.

Newer fans are arguing that the Divas are being treated “like shit” currently and long for an era much like the one that was led by Trish Stratus.

Older fans are turning their noses up to the newer fans who are also turning their noses up and referencing things like Trish Stratus barking like a dog or being covered in waste. Or the occasional bikini contest, pillow fight, etc.

I’m not picking a side here because frankly I think the argument is a little moot because both times had their really bad moments.

Sure there was Trish barking like a dog but we also got a 19 year old Kelly Kelly dancing on ECW , The Bella Twins lusting after Daniel Bryan’s kayfabe virginity and other moments that are not coming to mind so if you really think about it….both generations sucked a little but had some pretty good wrestling in between. 

I agree with most of this.

My biggest gripe is people looking upon the Attitude Era as some golden era for women’s wrestling, when it wasn’t. Trish didn’t start being a great wrestler during the Attitude Era really. The Attitude Era really kind of ended around 2001, that’s when she was just starting to wrestle properly after coming back from injury.

But anyway, I just dislike this idea that women’s wrestling today isn’t a patch on the Trish/Lita golden years. Yes, the Diva’s Division has had some dark days over the past few years…but they’re on the upwards curve now and I think to ignore that happening is stupid, aside from Kelly whose ability wavers week to week - the rest of the division is progessing at a terrific rate. The Bella’s get a lot of hate, yet they’re two of the best ‘model’ Divas on the current roster. Also, A.J. is really solid on the mat too, I enjoy her matches a lot.

Both eras of women’s wrestling were pretty much the same. They both had some embarrassing and degrading moments in retrospect but they both have had shining moments where there have been some terrific matches and storylines.

If people opened their eyes and watched the matches. Stopped looking back on past years with rose-tinted glasses (seriously, the Attitude Era was NOT that amazing) then we’d be in a better position.

Oh, and Lita was actually pretty horrible in the ring and Eve does a better moonsault.

1. I don’t care what anyone says, Lita is the most overrated Diva of all time
2. Trish Stratus is my favourite wrestler, but she is hardly the best wrestler
3. The women’s division today is just as good, if not better, than it was during the Attitude Era

Mainstream women’s wrestling has improved, but the treatment of women who wrestle hasn’t.

It doesn’t matter how progressive the PG movement has been. It doesn’t matter how many workers WWE scouts from SHIMMER. It doesn’t matter how much time the girls are allowed for their matches. It doesn’t matter how good Beth Phoenix is or how bad Kelly Kelly is. None of it matters because the company mentality has not changed even remotely since 1999.

Women are still just decorations. They are objects to men and enemies to each other. Their relationships don’t extend far beyond “bitch u stole my man” or “gurl i luv u for no real reason lets smile and laugh as we skip down the ramp!”. Apparantly it’s okay to have the Divas come out every time there is a special guest on Raw so that they can flirt, dance and smile mindlessly.

It doesn’t matter how much the division, the storylines or the workrate of the Divas themselves has changed over the past 10 years. If the WWE’s portrayal of women stays the same, it will have all been for nothing. 

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