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Triple H vs. The Undertaker.


On paper is not a match I want to see again. I loved it the first time but dudes are ooooooooooooooooooooold.

But DAYUM, that whole thing last night was awesome. Like, the best thing on RAW since the last Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker segment which was almost a year ago.

It got better with every thing they said, I just got more and more interested.

Weird to think it was on the same show as so much nonsense.


As lame as it sounds on paper, I don’t actually have a problem with Hunter/Taker III happening. There isn’t much else they could have done that would have been any better, you know? Everyone else seems to be involved in their own feuds, and I can’t think of anyone who ‘Taker hasn’t already faced who could conceivably pose as a threat to the streak

It was different even a couple of years back when ‘Taker was working a busier schedule and could take the time to build up credible opponents, but now that he is only working the one time every year, it is much harder to create an interesting feud. Hunter is the easiest choice because they have a year’s worth (and more) of drama to build from. If they keep on this track, it’s set to be a great feud and hopefully a great ‘Mania match.