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Over the next five years, Cody can become a powerhouse. We watch one another’s work. He’ll ask for advice, and I’m happy to help him any way I can. The kid has everything - personality, heart, soul, intelligence, attitude, and drive. Experience can’t be taught, though. What you do in the ring has to make sense. You have to learn how to convey emotion. It’s about the facials, the wrestler’s reactions. Everything has to be so real that nobody questions it. Fans have to be able to see the pain. If you are confused, they have to see that, too. It’s incredible when you actually pull it off. Cody understands that part of it. Cody is one of the young guys I would pay to watch right now and not just because he’s my brother.

Dustin Rhodes, excerpt from Cross Rhodes (via la-kendrazon)

I once said that I’d pay for a PPV of nothing but close ups of Cody’s facial expressions during the ‘undashing’ era and that still holds true today.