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johnnynopulse replied to your post: Just saw this week’s Smackdown spoilers

i think people should put them under a cut, makes it easier to miss…but i’ve seen the same spoiler 4 times because it was a photo post and of course no one thinks “OH THIS IS A SPOILER THAT PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO SEE YET”

Oh yeah, absolutely, in an ideal world they would just shove them under a read more, but at the VERY LEAST people could just tag it ‘spoilers’ so others have the option of blacklisting it if they want. I don’t understand why it’s so hard >:(

Those gifs are from Cena's last film I think. Haven't seen it myself.

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Yeah, that much I figured, but I just can’t bring myself to sit through the entire thing haha. I love Cena, but not that much.

I just want to find an isolated clip of it somewhere, ya knowww :(

johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse…

yeah, but no one’s paying to see the diva’s. They’ve got 3 big matches that everyone’s paying for. I want the diva’s to be better…but the crowds care so less that WWE doesn’t put the effort in, which is why we have this maria woman

Woah woah woah, hold on. You know that isn’t even remotely true. "The crowds care so little that WWE doesn’t put the effort in"? No, the crowds don’t care BECAUSE the WWE doesn’t care. There is, at the very least, anecdotal evidence that both casual and not-so-casual fans can care about the women’s division if it is given the time and the thought by creative/management.

The problem here is we’ve all learnt to just accept the mediocrity. We know that WWE doesn’t care, so we try our hardest not to care, but really, how lame is that?! I want more people to get angry. WWE has such a hard on for social networking and social media, maybe if there was a unanimous disapproval, they would actually take it into consideration. Maybe if FUCK THIS FUCKING STUPID DIVA SHIT was trending on Twitter, they would realise that they can’t get away with it anymore. 

Maybe because I am a woman, this just hits a little bit closer to home, but I am genuinely sick of it. I am sick of watching talented women suffer and untalented women praised solely for their looks. I am sick of 1 minute matches and sexual objectification and shitty celebrities being deemed more important than women’s wrestling. If you are okay with all of that, then that’s totally fine, but don’t expect everyone else to stay silent with you. 

johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse…

eh, but wrestlemania is all about celebs getting involved so i have no idea why people are surprised that it happened haha. I mean fuck, last year we had snooki >.>

I’m not surprised that there is a celebrity on the show, I’m just surprised about who they chose and how they are incorporating them. Snooki is a celebrity. She was at the height of her popularity/notority last year, so it made sense to want to put her on the card (even if it was kinda lame). NOBODY KNOWS WHO MARIA MENOUNOS IS AND NOBODY CARES WHO MARIA MENOUNOS IS. Does Vince honestly think there is going to be a single person out there who hears that she is on the card and decides they ABSOLUTELY MUST shell out $60 to watch her embarrass herself? Not likely. 

johnnynopulse replied to your photo: oh… :(

even with all the copious amounts of “I WANT TO FUCK HUSKY HARRIS” influenced posts? Well then

Exactly haha. If I’m not hitting on wrestlers, I’m ranting about gender issues and acting like an over emotional teen girl. I DON’T GET IT

johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse replied to your post: I have so many…

hmm, i suppose, but it’s not like he DOESN’T know that WWE really hate guys smoking weed, guys have been busted for it over the years. I mean, he got busted for it first time, to do it a second time is just stupid to me. Just gotta follow the rules

Oh, absolutely. If my employer gave me a list of explicit rules and said “DO NOT BREAK THEM”, I would do everything in my power not to, even if I thought they were ridiculous. 

But everyone makes mistakes, and Evan is just as human as the rest of us. He isn’t infallible. I don’t understand this whole "I’ve lost all respect for him, he doesn’t deserve to work for the WWE" mentality that has been plastered all over Tumblr today. The guy slipped up twice in his five years with the company. He has owned up to it an apologised and hopefully this will be the wake up call that he needed. It’s not a performance enhancing drug and it isn’t going to affect his health or hurt anyone else; it shouldn’t be this big a deal. 

But tbh, the thing that confuses me the most is why he doesn’t just smoke legit weed instead of synthetic. Surely he’d rather just pay the fine every now and then and toke as much as he wants than have to smoke the fake shit and risk get suspended over it? I DON’T GET IT. 

johnnynopulse replied to your post: I have so many thoughts about Evan Bourne’s…

i’m just annoyed at him for being so stupid, like, why did he carry on and have another violation so soon? The kid needs to learn or he’s gonna be on his way out

It’s frustrating, definitely, but I am still more sad than annoyed. He clearly knows that he made a mistake and that is entirely his fault, but his tweet makes me think that it may be an addiction, in which case I hope he seeks some kind of help.  

But as an aside, while I do think it’s important to follow the rules of your workplace, the idea that he is being reprimanded like this just for smoking weed is ridiculous to me. If he’s sober in the ring, it should be irrelevant. 

johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse replied to your post: i kinda miss…

yeah. i think i’ve had a couple with him…but once he tried to get me to start shit on here because he found out I didn’t love The Rock’s return (remember that?) - he’s just an ignorant douche who needs a slap

HAHAHAHHA yes, I do remember that. I also remember when he said he was going to punch my babies when I was excited about Ziggler getting a title match on Smackdown? Lord, he was just ridiculous. ALSO, when Del Rio won the Royal Rumble and he was trying to shit on everyone’s excitement, I told him to stop acting like a cunt if he didn’t want people to call him out on his cuntiness and I think that’s when he got butthurt and started hating me hahaha. 

la-kendrazon replied to your post: johnnynopulse replied to your post: i kinda miss…

why was i not following you when you had these arguments. that guy annoyed me too and yet i felt so alone in this : \

It was a pretty long time ago, but I’m sure you would have enjoyed them haha. as stupid/pointless as it is, I kind of miss being able to call him out on the things that he said (because it was SO FUN)